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Second Testimony: “Susan”

My self-described “labels” changed…but my identity in Christ is secure and permanent!  

Twenty-one years into my marriage, my husband announced one day, “I’m leaving you for another woman.”  I was devastated.  I fell into a deep emotional abyss as my life and my heart broke into a million tiny pieces. My friend, who had been talking to me for several years about Christ, stepped into my pain with gentleness and love.

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Laura, our Harvest USA intern for 2012-2013, has a compelling story about God’s relentless grace that rescued her from sexual brokenness.  Like all real stories, it’s still not finished, and there are broken paths along the way. 

I’ve been learning the imperative nature of two words in the Bible. Without these two words we are so dead and odorous in our sins, much like Lazarus was when Christ raised him from the dead.  In fact, the fate of all humanity hinges on these words: “But God…”

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Do you know the experience of guilt? Sometimes it is acute, a stabbing pain in your gut. At other times, it is a dull, gnawing in your soul – a vague feeling of “wrongness” about life, and when you stop to focus on why, the memory of your sin floods back. You long to be free from guilt, but as your failure persists, the pain continues. As a Christian, the guilt you experience over your sin is unavoidable.

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