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By Nicholas Black

The title of this article presupposes two things: first, your children are being exposed to pornography, and second, you are already responding – even if you are doing nothing. Maybe you are tempted to toss aside this article with a shrug, “Well, my kids haven’t been exposed and I am careful to protect them.

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By ‘Sharon

My long journey to HARVEST USA began more than 10 years ago.  It was then that my husband confessed to me that he had a problem with pornography.  He told me that it had started when he was twelve years old.

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By David White

An anti-drug commercial opens with a middle school student innocently walking in the door from school, only to discover the dining room table covered with sex education materials – including scale models! The father casually suggests they could talk about drugs instead of sex.

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14 Jan 2014

A Father’s Story

It was halftime during Super bowl XLV (2011). We were with extended family at our home.  During the second quarter, my brother-in-law logged onto our family computer to catch up on business emails.  When logging out, it’s his custom to clear the history from the computer so his company’s passwords are not saved.  In doing so, he brought up the recent history and found some websites that troubled him.

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