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I’ve been slooowly meditating and ‘purposefully meandering’ 🙂 through Isaiah during this Advent season…desiring to draw near to the Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  I was struck by some contrasts in chapter 5, in which the Lord speaks strongly against those who lead others into sin, and of leaders who teach error and gravely misinterpret what’s what:

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Our Harvest USA staff team gathers  a few times a week to pray together. We come before the throne of grace on behalf of our ministry…and for each other! God has gifted us with a rich fellowship in Him, with each other…through which we seek to be signposts to Jesus for each other in the midst of not only our ministry, but of our personal lives.

This past Friday I gathered with four of my staff brothers and we each had something heavy weighing on us…

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So let’s continue on with some more thoughts on people-addiction and food-addiction. What are we to do if we are compulsive eaters? If we run constantly to food, snacks, bingeing, Boston-creme filled donuts, KC Masterpiece BBQ Chips or Super Chunk Peanut Butter Choc ice-cream?

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When someone asked a mentor of mine, “Do you think you can be addicted to a relationship?”, Beth responded immediately :


And it’s true…the dynamics that we experience in certain relationships can become habitually destructive when they become a perceived NEED to our lives.

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I frequently talk with women who are struggling, hurting, confused because either one certain relationship, or MANY relationships with other women have been obsessive…entangling…a captivity. It’s been a pattern of relating since they were young, or as an adult a relationship grew to become something that seemed to control them in a way that was destructive.

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Warm greetings to everyone!
Our blog is slowly coming out of many months of hibernation…we hope that the thoughts we share here in the days to come will encourage our readers, stirring your thoughts and ponderings to Truth and Mercy!

Lots of media atttention was given to the assembly in DC yesterday focused on gay rights…and National Coming Out day.

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We usually pray twice a week here in the Philadelphia office. It’s a good time to touch base as many of the staff are out teaching and training more often than not.

I was struck by one prayer offered by Bob Heywood recently. He was to speak to a group of seminarians and wanted to speak in a way that was both winsome and helpful. Since they would eventually pastor congregations Bob was anxious that he equip them well – especially as they ‘walked into people’s hearts’.

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Hello again friend, wanted to share a few more thoughts with you since the post a few weeks ago. Jesus REALLY is your real and present Savior and Deliverer for any area of sin struggle, including your addiction to porn. But HOW does He deliver us? Should you say a prayer and then make a New Years Resolution in the next days as 2009 rolls in? Should you resolve to just NOT LOOK anymore…no more clicks that will lead to those sites?

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This post was originally placed on the website of Covenant Eyes,, an amazing internet accountability ministry.

Welcome friend, hope it’s ok to call you friend? It’s fairly personal and we probably don’t know each other but I do want you to know my heart is tender towards you. And while I’m not entangled with pornography, I’m much more like you than different.

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In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis) Lucy sees Aslan the great lion for the first time. She was afraid, and rightly so. Lucy whispered to Mrs. Beaver ‘Is he safe?’ ‘Safe?’ Mrs. Beaver replied, ‘Of course he’s not safe! But he is good, he’s the King I tell you!’

The great lion Aslan was meant by Lewis to be a picture of Jesus, not an exact imitation, but a “type”. And so this line from this well-loved book has been quoted extensively. I’ve most heard it quoted to counter the non-biblical view that following Jesus is a path of ease or boredom, or the quote is meant  to show the ‘wild’ side of God, that He IS God and is the supreme ruler, that we can’t contain Him in our boxes of comfort. But does that mean that we shan’t (Lewisian influence here) call Him ‘safe’?

I do agree that devotion to Jesus is one of joy and radical surrender; and I DO agree that God is GOD, that He rules and reigns as loving creator LORD. However, I wouldn’t have said it the way Lewis said it. God IS safe and He is good. In Him, our fears, insecurities, anxieties get swallowed up by the safety of His loving refuge…His very presence. No, He’s not boring, and no, He’s not a genie in the bottle we pull out for our means. This is the radicalness of who He is: He IS the KING and He is powerful…yet very safe!

Keep me safe O God, for in You I take refuge. I said to the Lord, ‘You are my Lord’ apart from You I have NO good thing! Psalm 16:1,2

Loving people well, and living holy lives with our sexuality requires a good, powerful and safe God. We have one friends, we have One!

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