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This weekend close to 2000 folks are gathering in Philly for the annual conference sponsored by the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation. ( The theme this year is “The Addict in Us All”.  There will be lots seminars addressing the many facets of addiction. Substances, behaviors, thoughts…relationships.

How do YOU define addiction? A life controlling ‘thing’? Something that has seized you? One way the bible addresses addiction is in Hebrews 12:1,2 where followers of Jesus are called to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin which so easily entangles.”  Habitual sin…activities, behaviors, thoughts, relationships, emotions that entangle us, encumber us consistently from a Christ-centered life.

I’ve never been addicted to alcohol, drugs, porn or even sex…but I HAVE been what we might call a “people addict”.  Or like I said in my first post, an emotional connection junkie. Ed Welch, of CCEF, says that people are our favorite idol…or addiction. We worship people and our relationships when we let them make or break our day, when they rise to the highest place in our thoughts, affections, energies.

Are you a people or relationship addict?  How do people “rule” you and what has been helpful to you in your relational and spiritual journey to be free of the entanglement of this? What has helped you learn how to love and not “use” people? Share your thoughts and I’ll be back next week to share mine! 🙂

Mr. JONES and Mr. SMITH were hanging out.

JONES says: “Listen to this quote, ‘my heart is restless until it rests in you.'” 

SMITH laughs and retorts: “Must have been written by a girl.” 

JONES, quiet for a while, says: “Well, sometimes I am restless. In fact, last night, I spent 3 hours looking at porn.” 

SMITH : “Was it good stuff?!” “I find that the free porn is ok, but you have to put out the bucks for something satisfying.”  “Three hours, eh.  Must have been some HOT stuff.”

JONES : “Naw . . . it was basically . . . re-runs.”

SMITH : “So now you are taking up reading Bible-ly looking books?”

JONES : Holding the leather bound book, says, “It’s St. Augustine’s Confessions.” Then after a pause: “From the 5th Century AD.”

SMITH : “What the..  Huh?  Who the…  what are you talking about?”

Feeling dejected and a bit scorned by SMITH, JONES leaves to take a walk with uncomfortable questions poking his conscience.

 “What do I really want?”

“Can a be satisfied with a woman made of pixels?  A pixelated woman?”

“Wonder why she did that photo shoot?”

“What does she really want?”

“I wonder if she is as desperate as I am?”

 JONES stops at a park bench.  He takes up the book, finding his book mark, and reads the whole quote.

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”


  • Are you like JONES?  Where does your restless heart wander?
  • And are you satisfied where your wandering heart takes you?
  • What, Who can satisfy your restless heart?

 Tolle Lege  — “Take up and read”

Relationships? Emotional connections with others? Do we “make” all of these experiences for ourselves? Do WE set the agenda and do what we want? Many will shout out a loud and exuberant YES! But the God of the Bible says something else.

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I thought it might be good to begin and the beginning…where do all these things come from anyway? I mean…sexuality? Relationships? Emotional connections with others? Do we “make” all of these experiences for ourselves? Do WE set the agenda and do what we want?

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