Church Rep Program : Church Rep Program


As a Church Representative you are to serve as the link between the ministry of Harvest USA and your church, rep_linkand to help your congregation better understand the mission and vision of Harvest USA. Harvest USA’s mission is to partner with and equip the church in bringing the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of those affected by sexual sin.


  • Manage the display of our Newsletter and other literature in an accessible location, and insure that announcements and inserts get into church bulletins about the newsletter
  • Serve as a link between our ministry and your Pastor / Missions Chairman
  • Try to connect us with other people within your church who might be able to advance and help our ministry go forward to succeed and accomplish it vision and mission
  • Invite your pastor, missions chairman, and other people you think might be interested to an annual HARVEST USA event that might be happening in your area.
  • Seek to arrange a ministry presentation in your Adult Sunday School Classes, Home Bible Studies or Men’s and Women’s groups
  • Host a small dessert in your home (or the home of someone else), where a volunteer or member of our staff can present the mission, update people, and answer questions.

Our Commitment to You

checkYou will receive necessary training and support as you serve as our link to your church.


checkHarvest USA will provide someone as a contact person for you to help at any time and answer any questions.


You must be  member in good standing in your local church, and have a heart for the ministry of Harvest USA. An outgoing, friendly personality is very important. You need to be able to articulate our mission (what we are about). Ideally you will need to have a few hours available each month to carry out these duties.

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