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Our new group curriculum for men and women. Published by New Growth Press. Click the images for more details

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Our Crossroads curriculum is available through Living Free's website - Just click the associated links.
Our series 'Proclaiming Truth and Mercy' is again available for purshase online - just go to the Harvest USA Online Store line - above or below!.

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Crossroads: Choosing the Road to Sexual Purity.alt
Group Member's Guide

A manual designed for use in small study groups for those struggling with sexual purity. So often in churches, individuals struggle in shame and in secret because issues of purity are rarely dealt with on a personal level. Using the studies in this manual, group members can focus on spiritual growth as they work together in the secure environment of the group. They learn to deal with the deceptive nature of the issue and overcome the temptation they encounter in their day-to-day lives.

Crossroads: Choosing the Road to Sexual Purity.alt
Facilitator's Guide

Designed to complement the group members guide, this manual enables group leaders or facilitators lead individuals and groups through the material and enables groups to process issues of sexual purity and helps group members deal with affects that sexual addiction has had on lives - their own and their loved ones. 

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The Homosexual Debate and the Church: A Collection of Essays.alt

This book cuts through the emotional rhetoric and, in clear language, explains the basic issues facing the contemporary church regarding homosexuality and the Christian faith. There are more than just textual issues in the debate, and this brief volume gets at the other, underlying issues that are making this such an explosive topic today.
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First Steps of Compassion: Helping Someone Who Struggles with Same-Sex Attraction.

What would you do if a friend came to you and asked for help because of a personal struggle with homosexuality? Many people feel totally inadequate in applying biblical truths in a loving and compassionate way to issue of same-sex attraction. This book provides the first steps of compassion that you can offer anyone who is struggling with these sexual issues. It is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, but a brief statement of ideas and principles that are based on biblical truth. 

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Gay... Such Were Some of Us: Stories of Transformation and Change.alt

This book contains the stories of fifteen men and women who struggled with same-sex attraction and experienced God's loving intervention in their lives. These individuals did not experience a simplistic or sudden change, but entered into a life of faith and sacrifice that led to personal transformation.






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