Can Men and Women Be Friends?

In the Church, men and women are brothers and sisters in Christ. This means we can relate to one another as friends by sharing life together and helping one another run the race of faith. To learn more about biblical friendship, read Aimee Byrd’s blog, “Does a Woman’s Sexuality Hinder her Capability for Friendship?” You can also read our latest harvestusa magazine, “Women, Sexuality, and the Church,” here.

Aimee Byrd
About The Author
Aimee Byrd is the author of several books, including No Little Women (P&R, 2016), and soon, Why Can’t We Be Friends?: Bringing Out the Beauty of Brother and Sisterhood in Christ (P&R, 2018). She blogs at for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Along with Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt, Aimee is a co-host of the Alliance Podcast The Mortification of Spin.

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