Equipping Ministry : Get Help for Your Church

How We Equip Churches

Harvest USA is a ministry committed to offering hope in Jesus to men and women struggling with sexual brokenness and sin. We started in 1983 as an outreach to the homosexual community, but now we have expanded into a ministry that focuses on equipping the Church to train people to step into the lives of men, women, and families who are affected by all kinds of sexual struggles (such as pornography, sexual addictions, etc.) Harvest USA is committed to the education and equipping of individuals and churches to proclaim the transformative power and hope found in Jesus Christ to our sexually broken world.

What We Do to Help Churches

church1Harvest USA provides awareness and educational opportunities for congregations to understand what the Scriptures say regarding sexuality and to explain how we can biblically address our sexual brokenness and sexual sin. Venues can be a Sunday School series, preachingbreakfast events, retreats, or whole-weekend seminars.

trainingHarvest USA provides training for those who are, or desire to be, directly ministering to those struggling with sexual sin. We have seminars to train Biblical support group leaders, mentors to strugglers, youth group leaders, parents, and others who have a role in discipling others in the areas of sexuality.

clipboard_iconFinally, Harvest USA provides consulting services for churches who want to develop a plan for discipleship in sexual matters or who are confronting a crisis within the congregation because of sexual brokenness.

How We Help Communities


Individuals and Families

With over 30 years of experience Harvest USA is uniquely positioned to help individuals, families and church leadership grapple with issues of sexual brokenness in people’s lives. We continue to provide direct help and support groups to people who come to us for help in all of our offices.


Discipleship and Mentoring

Initial Interviews and Evaluation
Short-term, One-on-One Discipleship


Support and Accountability Groups

For men
For women
For wives whose husbands struggle
For parents and family members of individuals who identify as gay or transgender


Women’s Ministry

It’s not just men who struggle with sexual brokenness and sin. We have educational material and female staff members who are trained to help women and wives who deal with sexual struggles.

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