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This brief history of Harvest USA captures our vision for those who struggle alone and in silence with sexual issues. If you have the same heart that we do, you may find a place with us as a volunteer or future staff member.


A Heart for the Harvest

Harvest USA started in downtown Philadelphia. After dark, the blocks surrounding our office became the domain of male prostitutes, drug addicts, and assorted people of the night. For them, despair was never far away. But one autumn night someone came to our doorstep and painted a single word in black paint: Mercy.

We don’t know why. We’ll probably never know who it was. Maybe it was a cry for help; maybe it was meant to be a message of hope to all who saw it. For us it was, and still is, a reminder of what has been done for each of us by the death of Jesus Christ, and what we in turn must now hold out to all who cross our doorstep.

Harvest USA began, in 1983, as an outreach ministry in Center City, Philadelphia to the homosexual community to provide hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry reached out to men and women who heard the gospel and desired to leave behind the gay lifestyle. Over the course of the last 24 years Harvest USA has expanded its outreach to include those who struggle with sexual sin issues of all types, such as pornography, sexual addictions, etc. The ministry today works directly with men, women, youth and even entire families who have been impacted by these devastating issues. We remain committed to our vision statement:

Proclaiming Christ as Lord to a Sexually Broken World

The Call Persists

Today, the larger mission of the ministry is to partner with and equip the Church in bringing the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of those affected by sexual sin. The Church is called by God to be the primary community in which life-changing transformation happens. The church needs, perhaps more so than ever before in this culture of rampant sensuality and broken sexuality, to be a place where sin-struggling men and women—believers and non-believers—can find transforming hope in the grace of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to partner with local churches to help them address these issues, and equip men and women to step into the lives of those impacted by sexual sin and brokenness.

Harvest USA has a place for you to partner with us! We always need people who have a Christ-shaped heart for the vision of this ministry. If you are interested, and have some experience, skills and gifts, then consider joining us. Click on the link to the right to see what staff and volunteer positions are available.

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