Hiding My Same-Sex Attraction – Part 2

It’s hard to be honest with someone about what it’s like to live with same-sex attraction. But keeping this struggle secret will only isolate you and make your walk with Christ more difficult. Desmond talks about some first steps you can take to begin opening up and inviting other brothers and sisters in Christ into your life, and receive the care and friendship you need.

Click here to go deeper on this subject in Desmond’s blog: “Hiding my same-sex attraction—Part 2.”

Desmond Frick
About The Author
Desmond Frick serves as part of the men's ministry staff at Harvest USA. He focuses on serving men struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA). He co-leads an SSA support group, conducts one-on-one discipleship. He regularly speaks at churches around the country. Desmond has worked with those with addictions and those struggling with SSA for the past eight years. He has a BA in fine arts from Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland. Desmond does art in his free time. Originally from South Africa, he currently lives in North Philadelphia.

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