Interested in hosting an event?

So you are interested in setting up a teaching/seminar event with Harvest USA! Are you aware that your church may need more experienced help in knowing how to help those who struggle with sexual issues and sin?

We are ready to help your church community! Staff members are involved in a number of teaching events every week, so advance notice is very much appreciated!

General topical seminars


Harvest USA staff is available to offer a number of different seminar formats. Generally, we offer a weekend seminar of four sessions totaling six hours of teaching. That format typically is done in a Friday evening/Saturday format.

We also can shape a format that meets the needs of your church community, from the standard format above to a Saturday morning or all day event if that is what you need. Talk to one of our staff members and we can work with you to provide a teaching seminar that can assist your church community in understanding and dealing with sexual brokenness and sin.

A typical seminar format is available by clicking here, or the next available link under the Teaching Ministry Menu!

Specialized ministry training


In addition to topical seminars, we offer specialized ministry/discipleship training for men and women who want to be more equipped to help sexual strugglers. Training to equip individuals and for leading a support group is part of this vital training. We are also available to consult with or teach the leaders of your church, such as pastors, elders, deacons, youth group leaders, small-group leaders, missions’ teams or committees, etc.

Helpful things to consider before calling

Know Your Audience

s1Knowing your audience is a key to a successful seminar or speaking event. Will the expected attendees be adults (one gender, like a men’s group or women’s group?) or is this event targeted towards school-age youth or parents? Each of our staff has particular strengths, so we can match them with the targeted audience.

Consider Partners

s2Do you think this seminar or training would be of interest to other local churches and denominations in your area? Joint promotion and collaboration is a terrific way of bringing the body of Christ together across denominational lines. People are often pleasantly surprised at the increased cooperation and relationships that can be built as a result of collaborating on one of these events.

Again, you can get a sense of the event contact by clicking here, or on the next link under the Teaching Ministry Menu.

Make the Call

s3If you know what you want, give us a call or email us to discuss possible dates for our teaching. We will do our best to accommodate you. Once the dates have been secured by deposit, we can assist you in ways to promote this event in your church or community.

If you are unsure of the type of seminar or training that might help you, give us a call, too! We’d be glad to talk things over with you!

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