A Biblical View of Homosexuality: Changed your mind?—Part 1

What causes someone to change his or her mind on long-standing Christian doctrine? I recently ran into a woman from my church who, knowing my profession, told me that she was now unsure if Harvest USA’s position on homosexuality was helpful or biblical. She wondered if perhaps this was God’s gift after all. Who are we to tell someone their feelings about their own sexuality are wrong?

The encounter really shook me. I know this person. She is no novice to the faith. She knows the gospel. She has been in my church for more than a dozen years. I wanted to engage her in a conversation about why she no longer believes the historic doctrinal position on sexuality, but she wasn’t interested in dialoguing about it. She only wanted me to know that she now feels the “old” way of thinking is judgmental and mean-spirited. Then she walked away.

There are a number of reasons why someone like my church friend would be willing to change his or her mind. For one thing, we live in a culture that is actively engaged in confronting and dismissing truth found in the Bible. Religion is now viewed as oppressive, the reason for why we experience wars and interpersonal conflict today. If someone really wants to be free and follow his or her heart—well, religious belief is the obstacle that needs to be swept aside.

The Bible and what it has historically said about same-sex desire is swept up in this cultural tidal wave. To believe something that contradicts acceptable cultural norms is to appear dated, judgmental, and oppressive to people who want to live out their sexuality any way they please.

Even ordinary Christians buckle under this cultural pressure. Do not underestimate the cultural forces that moves and influences us, even to the point of adopting unbiblical positions. Particularly with this issue, the pressure to give in and change our minds is incredibly high, maybe the highest it has ever been. Increasingly, the historic, long-standing position of the church on homosexuality is under attack in the media, in our institutions, in our traditions, and even within the church itself.

Do you find yourself having a hard time resisting this cultural pressure? Do you find that it would just be easier to change your mind and be free of the pressure and the potential ridicule that other people might heap on you? Sometimes people change their mind not because of new evidence or persuasive reasoning, but because they are tired of not fitting in.

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Updated 5.10.2017
John Freeman
About The Author
John began his ministry with Harvest USA as a volunteer while in seminary. As Founder of the organization he champions the mission of Harvest USA. He has a deep burden to see those who struggle with pornography, homosexuality and other sexual addictions experience changed lives through Jesus Christ. John spends most of his time helping churches be equipped to better care for the hearts of individuals and families vulnerable to these struggles.


  • By Jessica 27 Oct 2010

    I think it’s sad that as christians we are giving in to the worlds view. I have been coming out of same sex attraction and Identy isues this year. I beleive what the word says! If I didn’t believe it then I would have waisted this year of my life. I admitt it has been very hard, but worth it to be freein Christ.

  • John Freeman
    By John Freeman 01 Nov 2010


    Thanks for your comments! It is never easy to follow the path of the Word when it goes against the grain of cultural trends and even our own wishes and desires. Yes, it is hard, and admitting it and running to Christ is still the way to his arms. May the Lord continue to give you his grace to run this race.

  • By Bryan Finnemeyer 10 Sep 2011

    John you could not have put it any better. Way too many of us as Christians are people pleasers . We feel the pressure of this world system and the prevailing cultural head winds and instead of walking with God in the midst of this storm we cave in so we don’t look narrow-minded, bigoted, and hateful. Which is how many characterize anyone who would dare disagree with the prevailing cultural wisdom. It doesn’t matter if my opinion might be based in a genuine disillusionment with the lies that my own heart has willingly believed for way to long. Often just to rationalize my own struggles with the idols of my own heart/what God calls my sin. Having just read an article by the Rev. Melt White I can see why so many on the fence Christians would feel the increasing pressure culturally. When anyone who holds to the historic orthodox position doctrinally is so maligned simply because this is what they genuinely believe (without even having a political agenda) is it any wonder groups that sincerely want to reach out to the sexually broken are under (Satanic) attack. The Church is falling away/apostasizing like the scriptures predicted it would. Thank-you for these articles. They are really helping me to re-align my thinking not with this prevailing cultural double-mindedness but with God’s word. Bryan F

  • By Dianna 10 Feb 2012

    Jessica, I applaud you and pray God’s blessings and grace on you. I have a daughter who is in a same sex relationship and it’s so hard for me. I love her so much and all I can think about is her eternity. She accepted Christ in 97 but fell away after only a year and fell into a same sex relationship. She claims to be an agnostic now. Please pray for Amy to come back to her first love. My hope is in the Lord. I know he loves us and wants what is best for us…Keep up your persuit in Christ and his word.
    In His arms,

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