Women's Ministry

Our women’s ministry provides short-term, one-on-one discipleship and biblical support groups for women facing personal battles either with sexual sin or the sexual sin of their husbands. Our desire is to help women apply the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ to these painful and challenging experiences with sexual sin and brokenness.

Biblical Support Groups for Women:

Journeyers in Grace is for women needing help with their own sexual struggles. Struggles with lust, pornography, fantasy, same-sex temptations, and sexual relationships outside of marriage are battles that many women face. Our women’s ministry wants to be a safe, biblical, and Jesus-centered place for you to receive help. This confidential group meets weekly for six months using Harvest USA’s workbook, Sexual Sanity for Women: Healing from Sexual & Relational Brokenness. Each group meeting consists of prayer, a time for sharing, discussion of God’s Word, mutual encouragement, and accountability.

Side by Side Wives Group is for wives whose husbands are battling sexual sin. When sexual unfaithfulness impacts a marriage, both spouses need specific care and help. Our ministry to wives provides encouragement and support for women who need comfort, wisdom, and hope as they face this traumatic experience. This confidential group provides a safe, grace-filled place to help women move forward in healing after sexual betrayal. The group utilizes various books for discussion, along with Scripture, all with the aim of learning how to apply the gospel in a woman’s specific marital circumstances. This confidential group meets two times a month.

If you are interested in one of our women’s groups or would like to speak with a member of our Women’s Ministry team, please click here.

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